24 August 2016

Voodoo Rising showcased at Theater op de Markt, Hasselt, Belgium

We were delighted to be invited by Manchester-based Xtrax to present our new ‘work in progress’ creative concept Voodoo Rising to a team of European promoters at the Theater op de Markt at Hasselt, in Belgium on the weekend of 13-14 August.

Given that we’ve produced and toured shows in Europe in the past it was great to have an opportunity to pitch this new project, currently in its early R&D stage with funding from Arts Council England.

Drawing on a rich tapestry of cultural references, Voodoo Rising is an exciting collaboration with the award-winning Mr Wilson’s Second Liners to create a euphoric fusion of music, movement, fire and pyrotechnics inspired by the Louisiana Bayou and hedonism of 90’s clubland.

Conceived by Sonya Moorhead and developed with our team, this new show draws some of its inspiration from Kevin Cummin’s iconic photos of Manchester’s legendary Hacienda Nightclub, likening a 90’s warehouse party to the sultry swamplands of the Louisiana Bayou. The team is also fostering influences from gospel singing; experimental ambient music, voodoo iconography and 90’s print design and fashion.

This intriguing melange of inspirations, takes audiences on a pleasurably disorientating adventure through procession and performance, culminating in a fiery spectacle on a stage that transforms from the landscape of the Louisiana Bayou to a banging 90’s rave.

With design concepts from Dan Potra (Sydney Olympics, Liverpool ’08, City of the Unexpected, Cardiff 2016, artist impression above) and musical collaboration with Graham Massey, the legendary pioneer of electronic music, Voodoo Rising is an exciting project which will be ready to tour from 2017/18.

With initial R&D underway, thanks to support from Arts Council England, we’re seeking co-commissioners and promoters. Elements of the work were seen at Caernarfon Alight as part of Caernarfon’s Year of Adventure celebrations and our Sea of Freaks Torchlit Procession at the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

If you’re interested in any aspect of Voodoo Rising, please contact John Wassell or Ellie Turner at Walk the Plank for more information.