17 March 2020

Statement on Coronavirus

An important message in these unprecedented times

In light of the unprecedented effects of the coronavirus pandemic, our first priority here at Walk the Plank is to ensure that the health and well-being of everyone remains paramount.

As an arts organisation whose work is designed to bring people together in the public realm, the impacts of this virus are considerable and far-reaching but, at this stage, we are following the advice of the government and Public Health England and monitoring events and advice as they unfold.

The immediate consequence of the latest measures, announced yesterday (Monday March 16), is that our current programme of shows will be postponed until later in the year.  Details on the revised timings of each of these events will be announced individually.

We are also currently reviewing the position with regard to events and meetings planned at Cobden Works.  Advice to groups that have events or meetings planned at Cobden Works will be communicated to these individually.

We are conscious that the rapidly changing course of events is causing worry and concern for everyone, not least of all the artists and freelancers who are such an important part of our community.  At the moment we are working collectively as an organisation to think ahead with optimism to a time when things will return to normal.

In the meantime we are taking pragmatic steps to mitigate the impact of events on our business so that we can come through this together.

Walk the Plank has, and always will be, an organisation committed to empowering artists and communities to celebrate the very best of themselves, both here in the UK and internationally.

When this unprecedented crisis is over we hope we will continue to inspire people of all ages, cultures and walks of life to come together.