Winter Light: a night-time procession drawing on the myths and legends of the Great Orme

Location: Conwy, Wales

Client: Conwy County Borough Council, Venue Cymru, Conwy Arts Trust

Winter Light is a series of night-time processions that returned this winter. Drawing on the myths and legends of the Orme, Winter Light tells the story of a timeless search for the allusive Conwy Mermaid and has been mesmerising audiences since it arrived on the streets of Llandudno in 2019.


Chapter 1
‘The Chase’ saw the amazing Ychen Bannog, Oxen of Hugh Gadarn, and the Vikings who once conquered the Orme, process through the streets in their timeless search for the Conwy Mermaid. They were joined by the wicked Ring Master with his Circus entourage and Dark Sailors. The Mermaid would make a fine prize for his circus collection to draw in crowds of ogling public - but where is she?

Chapter 2
‘The Mermaids Purse’ continued the story with stunning projection at North Western Gardens. This showed the pursuit of the mermaid over the centuries by Vikings, Hu Gadarn and the circus Ring Master, and her ongoing evasion of capture - racing and chasing through the waves.

Chapter 3
‘The Capture’ is a smaller and more intimate touring performance bringing the story to the communities of seven towns in Conwy. The rumours are that the mermaid has finally been caught - so where is the mermaid? Will you see her? Is she friend or foe? One thing we know is that the power of a mermaid should not be underestimated…

Mixing mystery and myth, Winter Light is a visual, sensory feast with various groups of participants helping to bring alive the narrative.


We’re thrilled to share with you this short film from Winter Light, which surprised and delighted audiences in Conwy County last month.

Winter Light is a winter procession from Walk the Plank, created in partnership with video mapping duo Illuminos. Produced by Conwy County Borough Council, Venue Cymru and Conwy Arts Trust.

“With this unique theatrical experience, we wanted to make a new piece of work that gives local people a chance to be a part of the story.”

Ellie Turner, 'Winter Light' Producer

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Parades and processions
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