Art Sheds at Whitworth WARP Festival

Date: 25 June 2016 to 26 June 2016

Location: Whitworth Park, Manchester

Client: Whitworth Young Contemporaries

Warp Festival is coming to The Whitworth Art Gallery and Whitworth Park in Manchester, a warped weekend beneath the trees of art, music, performance and the unexpected.

The festival is programmed by the Whitworth Young Contemporaries (young people aged 15-25) to celebrate the installation of a new sculpture in the park by artist Anya Gallaccio.

In collaboration with Walk the Plank the WYC group have commissioned a series of eight WARP Artsheds. The young team has commissioned a group of emerging artists to decorate and curate these “sheds” to create unique spaces that provide focal points for more free performances and workshops during the festival.

WARP Artsheds will transport audiences into different worlds and experiences throughout the weekend. Artsheds is a project supported by Manchester City Council through the European Youth Capital (EYC) youth group.


(Images: Nick Clarke and Anna Budrys)

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