Manchester Day 2018

Date: 17 June 2018

Location: Manchester

Client: Manchester City Council

The word on the street - our theme for 2018

In 2018, we returned once again for our ninth successive Manchester Day with an early summer one day ‘festival’ of all things Mancunian, commissioned by Manchester City Council.

As with previous Manchester Day events, the centrepiece to the day will be the big parade. Manchester Day 2018 featured over sixty groups representing the rich and diverse array of communities that make Manchester the vibrant city that it is today.  Weaving its way through the city’s closed streets, from Liverpool Road all the way to Exchange Square, this colourful spectacle provided a fantastic opportunity for people from many different cultures to express themselves through a very public display of who they are through street art, dance and parade performance.

Manchester Day is, however, so much more than a parade and in recent years has evolved into a city-wide celebration, taking over the city’s squares with a diverse programme of outdoor arts and performance.

2018's theme was ‘the word on the street’ which aims to celebrate Manchester’s global reputation as a city which has always been a pioneering voice through key moments in its history.  From street culture and the printed word, to music and art, this year’s theme in no doubt provided our community groups and their supporting artists in devising some highly creative responses.

Given the size and scale of the event, Manchester Day depends on the generosity of volunteers, of all ages, who play such an important role in making the event happen.

“Manchester Day’s success relies on the passion and enthusiasm of the thousands of people who come together for the weeks leading up to, and on the day of, this huge day of celebration.

“We have volunteers who have been part of the event since the very beginning, but each year our ambition for the event gets bigger and bigger, and it’s fantastic to see new faces get involved.”

Councillor Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day.

You can find out more about Manchester Day on the official Manchester Day 2018 website.

Created by Manchester People. Commissioned by Manchester City Council.  Produced by Walk the Plank.

Image Mark Waugh

"Once again Manchester Day will be another great showcase for the city and its incredibly rich group of communities who, each year, seize the opportunity to express what being Mancunian means to them in this exuberant celebration of city life. Collaboration and participation are what makes Manchester Day such a phenomenal success for everyone involved, which is why we invest the time and energy to make it happen on so many levels."

Maureen Lynch, Producer

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