The Ice Queen comes to Whitworth Frost Fair

Date: 3 December 2016 to 4 December 2016

Location: Whitworth Park

Client: Whitworth Art Gallery

We were delighted to be part of the Whitworth Art Gallery’s Nordic inspired Frost Fair in early December, which gave us the perfect opportunity to wake our Ice Queen up from her pre-winter slumber to help get everyone in the mood for Christmas at the award-winning Whitworth Art Gallery. .

The Ice Queen will be holding court on both days outside the gallery and we’ll also be closing the weekend’s events with some fire and sparkle in a brief display of firework magic on the Sunday evening.

Adding an element of eccentricity to a Hygge-themed festival

The run up to Christmas inevitably brings with it a wide range of fairs, festivals and Christmas markets to get everyone in the mood for the big day and this year we got in on the festive action at an art gallery in Manchster - not so far away from our base in Salford.

This year the Whitworth Art Gallery, which in 2015 reopened following an ambitious redevelopment, held its first Frost Fair which was curated by their very own Cultural Park Keeper.  The Whitworth is surrounded by its very own park which provides a range of opportunities for visitors to explore both the outside, as well as the inside.

Walk the Plank were commissioned to bring theatrical moments of animation to the gallery's weekend programme of winter events, themed around the very on-trend Nordic Hygge  - basically a celebration of Nordic warmth and cosiness.

Our creative solution was to dust down our eccentric and characterful Ice Queen, an animated steel character with fiery animated elements that creates a real spectacle, and something just a bit different from a white bearded Santa.  We ended the weekend with a mix of fire and a small fireworks display, creating early evening warmth at the end of a frosty 48 hours.



"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for your contribution to The Frost Fair! I’m sure it is safe to say that it was a huge success and I have had nothing but great feedback from friends, staff and visitors to the gallery.

The Ice Queen was a huge hit and made the event so special and the fireworks too, so I can not thank you enough." Francine Hayfron, Cultural Park Keeper

"For the Whitworth’s first Frost Fair we’ll be working on a smaller and more intimate scale. Our Ice Queen is a fascinating character, designed by Dave Young (Rag and Bone) who will bring an unusual and memorable element to the weekend."

Nathan Jackson, Head of Production

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