Tales from the Lagoon, Aveiro

Date: 19 July 2019 to 19 July 2019

Location: Aveiro

Client: Camara Municipal de Aveiro

Telling a local story in the context of an international issue

In this intimate show we've developed a compelling narrative that's designed to resonate with the people of all ages, both from Aveiro, and visitors to the town.  The over-arching message about the threat to wildlife from environmental damage is a story which resonates with everyone.


Water is a great place on which to tell stories and create an event that draws on a range of different elements, such as fire and pyrotechnics and various nautical moments.

So we we're delighted to be in Aveiro, Portugal with an exciting new adaptation of an earlier show River Stories, first seen in the UK, to help local people celebrate the canals, waterways and lagoons of this beautiful Portuguese town.

A key element of this project was to create an event that inspires local artists and resonates with local people.  So, the story and music are very much drawn from the people and culture of Aveiro, although the larger narrative about damage to the environment is, of course, a subject of universal significance.

"In this captivating event for all the family, we've created a new version of our water-based spectacle, this time featuring a proud peacock, a fiery fish and an illuminated swan to tell an important story about the threat to wildlife from pollution and climate change.

Tales from the Lagoon has been created by working in close collaboration with local artists and community groups and is a magical illuminated piece of contemporary theatre inspired by Averio's canals, waterways and lagoon set to an original musical score, with a surprising encounter with one final creature along the way"

John Wassell, Creative Producer

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