Shadowplay – a captivating story that appeals to everyone

Location: Touring nationwide 2017-2018

If you’re looking for an enchanting, intimate piece of theatre that captivates people of all ages then Shadowplay is a crowd-pleaser on so many levels.

In a world saturated with the immediacy of digital content, Shadowplay’s charm comes from the powerful simplicity of shadow and silhouette.

Inspired by European folklore and drawing on aesthetics of German expressionist art forms and Gothic Victorian psychedelia, this universally popular piece is suitable either as part of a larger Fire Garden or as a set piece in its own right.

Shadowplay projects the journey of silhouetted characters – including musicians and revellers – on to a circular screen in a 30 minute loop, allowing audiences to enter and exit the installation at their will.

Performed in a wide range of settings, most recently the piece has been seen at Illuminating York in 2013, and the Just So Festival in 2014 where a further dimension was added with an interactive performer dancing scenes from the story.

Shadowplay can be installed in a day and can be situated on grass or hard standing. It is best performed at or after dusk and can be run from between 1 and 2.5 hours.

Approximate dimensions of the piece are 4m wide x 3.5m high.

The installation requires power, cabling and cable track on-site and site lighting.

“With no beginning and no end, the story is as circular as life itself.”


“With no beginning and no end, the story is as circular as life itself.”
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