Sacred Fires

Inspired by the simple geometry incorporated in an ancient mystical diagram, Sacred Fires is an exciting collaboration between Walk the Plank and Kadam, featuring the Odissi Ensemble. This captivating, site responsive dance piece is designed to enthral audiences of all ages.

The piece is brought to life in a unique and engaging way that seeks to involve and collaborate with a range of local dance companies. By working with local communities, we support them in developing new skills that may continue to flourish long after the performance has taken place.

After previous success with Sacred Fires: Dashera Diwali Manchester 2018 at Manchester's Albert Square, we're thrilled to be continuing our collaborations with Kadam Dance presenting Odissi Ensemble. Join us on this journey through classical Indian dance and become immersed it's enchanting expression of recurring Yantra shapes explored in a rhythmic, earthy and powerful performance.

The 25 minute-long production offers a flexible and diverse show with a range of theatrical possibilities. A family-friendly event, that's designed to suit various outdoor arenas and audience sizes, combining SFX, lighting, and music to enhance the evolving narrative, with a pyrotechnic finale to celebrate the closing chapter of the spectacle.

Duration - 25 minutes

  • For an audience of up to 2,500 - 3,000
  • Can incorporate and engage an intergenerational group of community volunteer dancers and include a fiery torch procession
  • Booking can include a daytime performance in a variety of settings (Sacred Shapes)
  • Special effects can be scaled up or down to suit budget
  • Suitable for events such as Diwali Celebrations, Mela’s, Night Light Events and any Festival which incorporates a dance programme

To find out more about Sacred Fires please contact Nick Clarke on 07792 312379 or email

Sacred Fires is a collaboration between Kadam Dance and Walk the Plank presenting the Odissi Ensemble for Manchester Diwali Dashera Mela.
Produced by Walk the Plank.
Commissioned by Indian Association Manchester and supported by Arts Council England.

"We're really excited to be working with Kadam on this new piece of work which we first showcased at the Diwali Dashehra Mela celebrations in Manchester's Albert Square in October 2018. It's a perfect dance piece for a range of festivals and events where dance is the primary focus, and we know from its October 2018 debut in Manchester that it's a real crowd pleaser."

Nick Clarke, Producer

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