Remember, Remember – celebrating war time resilience

Date: 5 November 2010

Location: Tower Hamlets, London

Working with commissioners Tower Hamlets Borough Council, Walk the Plank has created the biggest and best-loved November 5th celebrations in London for many years - each one witnessed by up to 95,000 people.

Our site-responsive firework displays are so much more than just a series of fireworks – they’re engaging narratives that build spectacle around a theme which resonate with a local people. Each year we’ve worked closely with the council to create exciting, distinct, free family events. More recently these shows have involved working across three separate sites within the London borough - ensuring as many residents as possible have access to a spectacular show.

The adage ‘A community that plays together stays together’ took on a whole new meaning for our Remember, Remember production which commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Blitz and the resilience of local people. The legendary East End community spirit was celebrated with a nostalgic soundtrack reminiscent of the era, with the finale creating a dramatic and moving display across the skies of East London.

The great thing about our close partnership with the Tower Hamlets team is the creative scope they have given us to evolve and innovate - changing themes and venues, and always bringing a rapturous response from our audiences.

The accumulation of experience across three sites in Tower Hamlets means that we have an intimate and instinctive feel for what works. With all our clients on shows such as these, being able to read the site and create a story that resonates with local people is critical to them being such a success.

Highlights from previous years’ shows include: a replica of the Houses of Parliament burnt as a sculptural bonfire; a giant Big Ben rocket; and a 20-metre high skeleton fire-drawing, hung in the sky.

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