Playing with Fire – fire drawing projects with young people this autumn

Date: 11 October 2019 to 18 October 2019

Location: Littleborough & Keighley

Shine a Light, Keighley Arts and Film Festival at Cliffe Castle - Friday 11 October

This Autumn, Walk the Plank’s experienced creative team worked with ICLS and students from Parkside School, Cullingworth to create fire drawings that lit up the night sky and excited audiences during the Shine at Light Lantern Parade finale at Keighley Arts and Film festival.

Littleborough Arts Festival, Hare Hill Park - Friday 18 October 

Our team also engaged young people from the around the Littleborough area to deliver two fire drawing workshops.

The training sessions took place during the two week build up to Littleborough Arts Festival, where the fire drawings delighted the crowds and became part of a fiery finale moment at the event.

Both of these training projects will be a fantastic opportunity to give young people the chance to explore the exciting creative possibilities of fire through fire drawings. The young participants explored everything from the materials used (both for their artistic and chemical properties), health and safety procedures and risk assessment, the idea of visual storytelling and graphic design and ways of animating fire drawings.

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