Paisley Halloween 2017

Date: 28 October 2017 to 28 October 2017

Location: Paisley

Client: Renfrewshire Council

To extend an evening event into a day long festival to engage with a wider audience converging on Paisley during the October half term

Visual tricks and lots of artistic treats for everyone, including installations and a Halloween parade with a dance troupe of choreographed skeletons

The popularity of Halloween seems to show no signs of slowing down, so much so that in Paisley, where we have staged a number of events in recent years, we decided to extend our festivities for the town with a day long programme that led into the darker, illuminated elements of the evening.

Coinciding with the half term holidays, our day time programme included walkabout theatre throughout the town along with a haunted house installation and opportunities for families to have their photos taken in a Halloween version of seaside photo holes.

As darkness descended, Paisley took on a distinct phantom-meets-festival atmosphere, with a street parade that attracted a massive road-side audience, led by Mr Wilson's Second Liners who have extensive form in this area for creating a disruptive musical spectacle as they led their way to a fiery stage to complete their set.  Additional spectacle was created by Flame Oz and Spark who both have distinctly unique acts that mix fire and light to create compelling spectacle on the streets.

Once again, our hugely popular Fire Garden provided an atmospheric reworking of familiar spaces which, when illuminated by our installations and sculptures, take on a whole new look and feel.

Our Paisley Halloween festival is a great example of how we can curate a varied programme of artistic content to appeal to a broad audience profile, and also extend an initial evening format into a longer event.

"By extending the evening programme of this hugely popular annual event into a day long festival we were able to give it more of a festival feel and engage a wider audience. It has been fantastic to work with Renfrewshire Council on developing this much-loved spectacle into something that can appeal to audiences who might not otherwise come out in the evening." Billie Klinger, Creative Producer
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