Manchester Diwali – a spectacle of drumming, lanterns, music and dance

Date: 15 October 2016

Location: Albert Square, Manchester

Client: Manchester Indian Association

Once again we returned to Albert Square in Manchester for the annual Diwali celebrations.

It's a first for Manchester and indeed any Diwali Mela event - Spark! the amazing LED drummers from Worldbeaters led a vibrant procession of music and dance with hundreds of participants carrying lanterns around Albert Square.  Illuminated figurines held by members of the Manchester Indian Association, coupled with an eclectic mix of costumed paraders created an intimate early evening spectacle.

This was followed by a captivating piece from Spark on stage within Albert Square, followed by a A stunning combination of dynamic live drumming, movement and lighting with a beautiful pyrotechnic display from the Fireworks team at Walk the Plank.


"Having Spark at Manchester's Diwali Mela was not just a first for this event in Manchester, but a first for any Diwali in the UK. It was great to introduce this new theatrical component to the parade, but equally as important it was fantastic to engage with young people from different community groups in pulling together the lantern procession.

It's amazing to see how a collective event such as this gives people a shared sense of identity and pride about who they are and what they culture means to them."
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