Lost Village Festival 2019

Date: 23 August 2019 to 24 August 2019

Location: Norton Disney, Lincolnshire

Client: Lost Village Festival

A ceremony of fire, water, light and pyro for three unique spectacles at Lost Village Festival.

We were delighted to be working with the team at Lost Village for the fourth time at this intimate and immersive festival.

Set deep in the woodlands of a long-forgotten village, this year we staged three separate spectacular ‘moments’ at Lost Village, each of which was completely different from the other, and in a different part of the festival site.

On the Friday night we celebrated the opening of the festival with a high calibre firework display that lit up the clear night sky.

On Saturday afternoon we presented “Totem” – unannounced a mysterious box painted with cryptic symbols appeared in the main festival site.  The box was accompanied by a cast of dancers and circus performers as it paraded to a performance space in the new Basecamp area.

Festival-goers formed a circle around the Totem and the cast of performers from Zest Theatre burst into an energetic dance. As the crowd’s anticipation grew, the Totem unfolded and extended high into the sky as colourful smokes spilled out from the inside. The pinnacle of the Totem show was reached with an array of sparkling pyro, coloured smokes and confetti exploding out of the top of the Totem and over the heads of the cheering crowds.

On Sunday night we presented a finale ceremony “Rituals of the Water” which was performed as dusk turned to darkness. This show featured a wide range of theatrical elements and bespoke special effects.

As darkness fell over the lake the sound of thunder echoed around the water and mysterious hooded Villagers stood with oars on six floating pontoons. Beams of light swept across the water to reveal the Gravedigger, who began the show with an address to the gathered audience. The performers jumped into action upon each pontoon, some waving flags in the air and other paddling the rafts across the water.

The hooded Villager’s rowed in unison to the middle of the lake and the pontoons were joined to form a long pier leading to the centre of the lake. Once the pier was complete the Gravedigger walked to the end of the pier and spoke again, calling forth gigantic jets of water from the lake and a burning effigy set aflame on the opposite shore. A ring of fire burst from the surface of the lake as a geyser exploded and a fountain was revealed, both sending illuminated jets of water high into the air. The show was concluded with an enthralling firework display of both close proximity effects and aerial shells.

Take a look at what we created at Lost Village 2016.

Photography by Michael Cummins

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