Lost Eden at Kendal Calling

Date: 28 July 2016 to 31 July 2016

Location: Lowther Park, Penrith

‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.’ Einstein

Once again we teamed up with the multi-award winning Kendal Calling festival in Lowther Park, in the northern reaches of the Lake District, to create the second chapter of Lost Eden, a multi-sensory after dark exploratory experience for festival-goers in a mysterious woodland area. For 2016 we commissioned new installations and performing artists to bring a surreal nocturnal experience for festival goers.

Last year, the Carvetti people, an Iron Age civilisation thought to be lost to the World, were astonishingly found alive. They called the woods at Kendal Calling Lost Eden their home. To celebrate this momentous anthropological discovery, 25,000 revellers joined them in a joyous riot of light and sound.

In 2015 the bizarre imprints of the Carvetti culture were numerous: a van carved with trees, an avenue of sound-emitting streetlamps, a fiery garden and a towering, swirling orb, to name but a few.

Since then the Carvetti have been growing and flourishing, and this year join forces with the artists, animals and insects of Lost Eden to make the woods even more spectacular. Celebrating art is at the core of their principles, and once again they invite you to experience their full 2016 offering of marvels and magic.

Chapter Two of the Carvetti at Lost Eden promises to be surreal, sensory, surprising and mysterious.

Lost Eden supported by the Arts Council England and produced in partnership with Kendal Calling.

Photos: Tom Martin, Scott Salt, Paul Whiteley. Performers: Kitsch n Sync

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