London’s Burning

Date: 6 November 2016

Location: Victoria Park

Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Our brief

In a competitive tender issued by Tower Hamlets we were asked to create a crowd-pleasing fireworks display at their massive Victoria Park to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Fire of London.

Our Solution

We’ve been a regular fixture at Victoria Park for many years, so were delighted to win this high profile gig against some tough competition after a year or two away.

One of our core strengths as a fireworks company is our story telling and artistry - so a fireworks display based around the 350th anniversary of the Fire of London really caught our imagination.

With a crowd of 70,000 we had to create a show that achieved scale and impact but also had emotion and historical sensitivity.  That said, there is only so much story telling you can do in this short space of time, so an added element to our display was one of our much loved fire drawings which would bring an added dimension to the whole display.

With a 150 metre frontage we needed to create a display that had height, spectacle and colour as well as impact through noise and explosion.  And, as with all our displays, it needed to build to a crescendo.

The display started with our multi-section 50 metre wide fire drawing, depicting a 17th century-style scene of ancient London, which burned from east to west – reflecting the original course of the fire.  This was punctuated with low level pyro before the full display gathered momentum with an intense series of explosions to a contemporary soundtrack which included ‘London Calling’ by The Clash, ‘Burning down the house’ by Talking Heads and ‘Right here right now’ by Fatboy Slim.

A truly epic production to a massive crowd, this piece involved a rigging crew of 15 and showcased our expertise in producing a highly creative, close proximity show that commemorated an important event within a contemporary context.

“The Walk the Plank team were very professional both in the lead-up, during and after the show. We would highly recommend working with Walk the Plank and are delighted that they were able to provide such a magical evening for over 70,000 people.”

Steve Murray, Head of Arts, Parks and Events, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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