Liverpool Bonfire Night 2013

Date: 5 November 2013

Location: Sefton Park & Newsham Park, Liverpool

Client: Culture Liverpool

Walk the Plank Fireworks were approached to provide simultaneous displays at two sites in Liverpool as part of the cities bonfire night celebrations. This posed the logistical challenge of having the capacity to prepare and deliver both shows but also technical challenge of firing two identical displays starting at the same precise time. The display was to be set to music, family friendly and to be viewed from both Sefton and Newsham park by thousands of spectators as the main organised display in Liverpool.

We worked with Liverpool City Council to identify the best launch sites at each park both in terms of safety and getting the best views for the crowds! We then began work on a rip-roaring soundtrack that would have broad appeal and coherently tie the show together. We could then start the design process; choreographing distinct sequences of matching colours and effects to match the rhythm and mood of each song.

Walk the Plank Firework pyrotechnicians are accustomed to the logistics of handling multiple shows at once having successfully delivered multiple concurrent shows at Center Parcs at their 5 sites. With our state of the art firing system we were able to synchronise the two sites and have them fire in perfect harmony from start to finish. We brought a double helping of pyrotechnic wonderment to Liverpool to celebrate Guy Fawkes and the audience loved it! Crowds complimented our display along with our selection of tunes and the show created quite a buzz on social media.

“The fireworks  were lovely to watch and I liked the themed music that they played. It’s brought everyone together as a  community. I’m amazed by how many people have come here.” - Audience Member

"Dazzling firework displays light up the city's parks"

Liverpool Echo

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