A new mini festival aimed at bringing local people together

Date: 18 August 2018 to 18 August 2018

Location: Peel Park

Client: Little Hulton Big Local

The Spirit of Little Hulton Festival is a new event delivered by Little Hulton Big Local whose vision is to unite Little Hulton as a community and to enhance local people's health and well-being.

Over 500 people attended this inaugural festival which was staged in Peel Park, Little Hulton, one of Greater Manchester's oldest parks which opened back in 1910.

For this mini festival we worked with artists, volunteers and local people to create a great day out with some fun activities aimed at promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles.  This included an alternative 'vegetable show' with a tombola, games and a pedal-powered smoothie bike.

With events like this we like to get people talking and mixing with each other, so we had an artist-led creative workshop which engaged members of the public in conversation while they were making 'vegetable hats'.  And, as well as a photographer, we were joined by an illustrator to capture the event through drawings.

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We have been working with Little Hulton Big Local since 2017 ranging from shadow puppetry projects to consultation for GM Moving and the Pavilion in Peel Park.

"It's been a real pleasure to see how working with Walk the Plank has developed the creative talents of our young people."  Alison Jones, Little Hulton Big Local Development Manager

"The first Spirit of Little Hulton Festival was a great little event with a big heart which attracted a good sized crowd and brought people of all ages together.  It's exactly the kind of small scale event, led and created by local people, which empower communities to stage festivals such as this which create that important sense of togetherness.'

Ben Turner, Project Manager


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