A Life in a Day: Bridge Takeover

Date: 26 June 2021

Location: Halton Bridge

We’re looking for people who live, work or play in Widnes and Runcorn to take part in an extraordinary journey… across the Jubilee Bridge on one Saturday afternoon in June.


Sign up: participate@walktheplank.co.uk

As part of Halton’s Year of Culture celebrations and in partnership with ArtReach, we’re inviting people to make the crossing with friends, family or as part of a group, to celebrate sixty years of connection across the Mersey.

We imagine an afternoon shaped like a lifetime, with each hour representing Rites of Passage moments.

What better way to celebrate the easing of lockdown than by being outdoors, doing something that will give you memories that last a lifetime?

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12 noon – The Big Pram Push
Parents – bring your babies and push your pushchairs over the Bridge. If you have a baby born in 2021, or you’re going to have a baby in 2021, or you’re a midwife delivering Halton’s babies, join us.
Or maybe you’re part of a nursery or pre-school group from Runcorn and Widnes… get in touch

1 pm – Children on scooters, trikes and tiny bikes
We want kids on scooters, bikes and trikes, go carts, or model cars to pedal across the bridge, with parents/guardians signed up to support Halton’s children, aged 3 – 11, make the crossing.

2 pm – Teenage takeover (12 – 17 years)
We’re inviting teens with skate boards, BMX riders, roller skaters and cyclists – come and do your tricks in the middle of the bridge or do a wheelie from Runcorn to Widnes.
Choose the music you want played as the youth take over the Bridge.

3 pm – Fabulous Fashion Parade from fashion conscious 18 years – twenty somethings
Let’s turn the Bridge into a giant catwalk for this hour.  Style-conscious? We’d love you to create an outfit inspired by the Bridge, get a great Instagrammable picture as you and your mates dress up like it’s Ladies Day at the Races, or strut your stuff with friends in 2021’s post-lockdown summer fashion.

4 pm – Growing up, getting hitched - thirty and forty somethings burdened with homes, debts, children!
Beginning with a Wedding Cavalcade, and an invitation to any local brides and grooms, or civil partnerships, who want to be driven across the bridge on their Big Day… we’re also inviting campervans and caravans, family friendly bike rides, or anyone who’s feeling the weight of mortgages and debts – bring the burden of the responsibilities that come with growing up and let us share the load as you travel across the Bridge.

5 pm – Midlife crisis!
Sports cars, motorbikes and any sort of outrageous hair do – we’re looking for anyone who’s celebrating their middle age, waving goodbye to children or spouses, or just having fun in their fifties and sixties. Get a group of your mates and dance across the bridge while you still can… listening to the soundtrack of your youth, because we all know the 70’s/80’s produced the best tunes didn’t they?!

6 pm – Slowing down but not stopping
An invitation to elders to join us, with your dogs, your husbands and wives, your mobility scooters, grandchildren, lovers. In addition to our fabulous senior citizens, many of whom will remember when the Bridge was originally opened in 1961,  we’re keen to recruit a group of elders who would like to work with a choreographer to help create the finale, and if you’re a mobility scooter user we’d love you to join us and race across the Bridge, burning some rubber.

If you or your group would like to participate, then you can sign up by contacting
Laura via participate@walktheplank.co.uk or calling 07902548547 and leaving your details so that we can contact you.

And if you have a story about the Silver Jubilee Bridge, we’d love to hear from you – we might be able to incorporate your story into the event.

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