Inferno: The After Party

Touring 2018/19 -  a hedonistic spectacle with a compelling narrative that puts festival goers at the heart of the story.

Inferno: The After Party taps into party people’s nostalgia for the 90s music scene by creating a feelgood experience that draws the crowd into a mesmerising event that culminates in a pyro and music crescendo.

After previous success at Bournemouth Arts by the Sea, and Feast of Fire at Milton Keynes, Inferno: The After Party is a collaboration with Mr Wilson’s Second Liners whose mashed up remix of 90s club classics in their inimitable New Orleans style has won them a massive following.

Immersive and seductive, the show starts with the arrival of two 90s club goers, left overs from a hedonistic decade of club-going excess.  Somehow, they stumble into a procession that is being animated by musicians, pyrotechnics and light and feel compelled to follow the energetic sounds of Mr Wilson’s Second Liners.  Processional performers and SFX make the spectacle strangely alluring – festival goers suddenly want to be part of the action in a show that creates it own infectious energy from the first note of the band before it culminates in an explosive pyro finale on a specially built fiery stage.

“The power of this show is its carefully staged informality leading to a climactic finale – creating moments of unforgettable shared spectacle.”  John Wassell, Producer

“Only 7 per cent of young audiences are swayed by a headline act, but over half are seeking experience.” Annie Blinkhorn, What’s next for outdoor events? Access All Areas magazine, Oct 2017

Contact John Wassell on 0161 736 8964 or email

Key features:

  • Fully site responsive. Can be adapted to a range of sites, for audiences up to 7,500.
  • Duration – approx. 45 minutes.
  • Can be adapted to include wider group participation – eg. with a flaming torch procession
  • Range of SFX and pyro performers can be added to enhance festival theming
  • Flexible format allows it to be scaled up or down, depending on budget
  • Designed to create a high point festival moment that keeps audiences delighted until the very end.
  • Hugely photogenic – this is the finale that will get your festival loved, shared and remembered on social media.

Technical specs:

  • 9m x 3m stage with two forward thrusts with steps
  • Two performer/lighting 7m towers, located to sides of stage
  • Three pyramid flame and lighting frames 5m high, located to rear of stage
  • Fireworks and close proximity pyro effects
  • Dynamic flame system
  • Technicians for all of the above

The Creative Team

John Wassell, Producer

Sonya Moorhead, Performance Director

To find out more about Inferno: The After Party please contact John Wassell on 0161 736 8964 or email

“Only 7 per cent of young audiences are swayed by a headline act, but over half are seeking experience.” Annie Blinkhorn, What’s next for outdoor events. Access All Areas magazine, Oct 2017

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