‘In the Dholdrums’ on tour

Date: 14 July 2018 to 26 August 2018

Location: Croydon, Luton, Manchester and Newcastle

Nutkhut presents ‘In the DholDrums’ by Ajay Chhabra, created by Walk the Plank and Dhol Academy.’

As part of this year’s Mela celebrations we collaborated once again with South Asian theatre and dance company NutKhut to bring our feelgood ‘In the Dholdrums’ show to four locations – London, Luton, Manchester and Newcastle.

This hugely popular rhythmic spectacle took a processional route through each Mela celebrations in the shape of a larger than life Dhol Drum, accompanied by stilt walkers and drummers which, when it came to a standstill, opened up to reveal another hidden troupe of drummers.

A celebration of Asian music and dance, this multi-tiered drum stage is animated with pyrotechnic effects as it makes it way through the crowd.

'In the Dhol Drums' was seen at the following Mela:

  1. Manchester: July 21
  2. Bradford: August 16
  3. London: August 18-19
  4. Newcastle: August 26

'In the Dhol Drums' was conceived by Ajay Chhabra, artistic director and co-founder of London-based  NutKhut, who worked with us on a previous series of DholDrum shows in partnership with the Dhol Academy.




“We’re delighted to be working once again with Nutkhut and the Dhol Academy on a new 2018 tour of this crowd-pleasing Mela spectacle which brings delight to people of all ages.

It will be great to engage with the communities of London, Luton, Manchester and Newcastle through this imaginative and original piece of street theatre during their Mela celebrations.”

Nick Clarke, Producer

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