Green Space Dark Skies

Led by Walk the Plank, commissioned as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK invites 20,000 people to make a journey into the landscape together from April to September 2022.


Green Space Dark Skies invites you to join up to 20,000 people, from all paths in life, to experience beautiful landscapes across the UK at dusk, between April and September 2022. Anyone is welcome to sign up to this series of mass gatherings, which celebrate nature, our responsibility to protect it and everyone’s right to explore the countryside. Using low impact lights, we will create magical, memorable moments outdoors.

Led by outdoor arts pioneers Walk the Plank, the project takes place from April to September 2022.  Green Space Dark Skies is one of ten major projects commissioned as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK ground-breaking UK-wide celebration of creativity in 2022, designed to celebrate science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. Over six months, thousands of people will become Lumenators, carrying special lights designed by Siemens using state-of-the-art technology at up to 20 different locations. There, we will create art outdoors, recorded by film and photography. To protect the green spaces where the gatherings will take place, the specific locations will remain a secret. Only those who’ve signed up to take part will be there in person on the day. This is to make sure that no damage is done to these beautiful landscapes.


You can book for the events with confirmed dates, and the rest will be bookable soon. As our subscriber, you'll be the first to know.


If you’ve registered an interest in taking part, you will still need to book your place at your preferred event and become a Lumenator.

The inspiration is the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout mass trespass, when 500 people walked across Kinder Scout in protest at the laws that made crossing the land illegal. Today, the UK’s National Parks and AONBs are places that anyone can visit, any time, for free. But we know that not everybody feels able to make use of these spaces. In the face of the climate emergency, and at a time when the need to reconnect with nature is more urgent than ever, this is neither fair nor sustainable. We believe we should all feel equally welcome to explore our green spaces. By inviting people who feel excluded from these places to make a journey together, the project will create new connections with the UK’s countryside.

This is the chance to be part of something truly special. Millions will watch online and via the broadcast, but only those who’ve signed up to be involved will be present at each event and they alone will be there in person to see the landscape transformed. We hope to make it possible for anyone to take part. The Lumenators will also be invited to share their stories of connection or disconnection with the landscape, before, during and after each event. These stories matter. They are at the heart of Green Space Dark Skies.

Green Space Dark Skies is the result of a collaboration between Walk the Plank, Siemens, National Parks UK, the University of Salford, and with Landscapes for Life: The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Extraordinary Bodies, the collaboration between Diverse City and Cirque Bijou, and CC-Lab. The Lumenators’ lights will include game-changing technology that will go on to make new and exciting projects possible.

Sustainability is at the heart of this UK-wide project. Green Space Dark Skies will be carbon positive, ultimately removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces. The aim is to leave no trace and to empower everyone involved to make a difference locally too. In the face of the climate emergency, thousands of Lumenators will become caretakers of nature for the future. The project is rooted in the countryside, and in celebrating our landscapes. It considers them as places worth protecting, for everyone, forever.

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"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Walk the Plank and our partners to create something amazing. Our project will engage people of all ages and cultures to celebrate our landscapes and the lives within them. It considers them as places worth enjoying and protecting, for everyone, forever."

John Wassell, Creative Producer, Walk the Plank

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