Something for everyone in a weekend of exploring different things

Date: 7 October 2017 to 8 October 2017

Location: Salford

Putting culture at the heart of the community is the primary aim of Fun Palaces which is why we were really keen to stage our first one as soon as we moved in to our new Cobden Works creative hub back in August 2017.

So, to celebrate the opening of our new home over 100 local residents  and artists from Salford came to take part … and have radical fun.

As well as making lanterns for the Peel Park Fire Garden event, taking place later in the month, people took part in circus skills, noise-making, exploring the Cobden Works site through movement, and making stuff out of recycled materials.

The great thing about this first Fun Palace was the way it felt shaped and owned by the people who came along.  It was loosely structured to give a shape to both days but was really great was the way in which people of all ages explored things together side by side.

As one Local Salford Councillor described the event -  it marked “the evolution of a community cultural hub at the heart of the community for all!’

More information on Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces are a national, annual weekend of cultural events held on the first weekend in October. They're free to enter and free to take part.

You can find out more about them here but essentially, they're created by local people for local people and give everyone from 0-100 and beyond the chance to explore art, science, digital, tech, heritage, sports.  Anything is possible and you can hold a Fun Palace anywhere.



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