Fright night in Salford

Date: 31 October 2018

Location: In our immediate Salford neighbourhood

In 2018, October 31 occurred on a Wednesday which meant that many of the bigger Halloween celebrations had taken place the weekend before.

So, having already road-tested our walkabout skeletons in Manchester the previous weekend, and also themed our early October Fun Palace around Halloween, we decided it was time to showcase our frightening credentials on the locals.

Our pop-up walkabout tour of our local neighbourhood saw a team from Walk the Plank, along with residents and families recruited at our recent Fun Palace, don their 8 foot high, larger than life skellies and set about getting to know the locals.

Largely unplanned and very spontaneous we walked our way around local streets and very rapidly created quite a stir.  People of all ages were clearly captivated by our big skellie puppets which had originally been created for a Halloween event in Paisley the year before.

"A fun night out and a great way to spark interest in what we do with people of all ages.  Nothing gets people talking more than an unscripted pop-up event which taps into people's vivid imaginations, especially around Halloween."

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