The fabric of society – Paisley celebrates it textile heritage with Weave 2017

Date: 30 June 2017 to 2 July 2017

Location: Paisley, Scotland

Client: Renfrewshire Council

Once again we’re returning to Paisley to create their annual parade, previously known as Sma’ Shot, which celebrates the town’s globally significant role as weavers of the famous Paisley cloth.

For the past few years, Paisley’s Sma’ Shot parade has been a day for marking a pivotal, historical moment when weavers of the famous Paisley cloth won a long running battle over their employers who finally relented on removing the financial burden placed on weavers to pay for the thread, or Sma’ Shot, that held the fabric together.

This year’s re-named Weave Parade still pays homage to this landmark moment in 19th century industrial relations, but the event is now being slightly re-worked to draw wider attention to Paisley’s fabric weaving heritage, in all its forms, and to also to look forward to the role that weaving and textiles plays in the town’s modern day identity.

This year artists Belinda Gilbert-Scott, Sarah Kenchington, Annie Hiner and Fergus Dunnett are working with over 15 community groups to create new pieces for the parade which will also feature mass movement choreography by Ruth Jones who is working with many of the community groups and their leaders.

The Parade will also include themed Street Theatre acts, Carnival and parade bands and a specially commissioned Weave structure for the Parade designed and made by Hannelora Johansson all led by the famous chariot and Charleston Drum.

This year’s parade will start at 12 noon from Brodie Park and parade to Abbey Close and will feature a spectacular ending to the Parade by The Abbey designed by Sarah Kenchington and Belinda Gilbert-Scott and Sammy Samkin. The event will then continue on Abbey Close with stalls, stage performances and entertainment throughout the afternoon. Please visit Renfrewshire Council website for further details.

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