Eternal Voyages – Pafos 2017

Date: 1 July 2017

Location: Pafos, Cyprus

Client: Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture

Following our work on creating Pafos: A Work of Art, the spectacular opening ceremony to mark the city’s role as European Capital of Culture back in January, we returned to Pafos at the end of June in preparation for our summer evening show ‘Eternal Voyages’, which was presented to a mass of crowds around Pafos Castle and Harbour.


Telling the story of three travellers who descend on Pafos by land, sea and air, the harbour-side audience was drawn into a fascinating theatrical narrative that included live performances, including poetical text and song both in English and Greek; dance and mass movement choreography; digital animation and projections onto the castle walls; processional performance, acrobatics, a water spectacle, and a range of special effects including an epic pyrotechnic finale.

Eternal Voyages is a perfect example of how we work closely with local artists and people in a host city to unpack a narrative that helps them celebrate their history and culture.  The art of telling a compelling story to an audience in the open air often involves putting together a show that has a range of dramatic effects and different textures of light and sound.  The trick is engage the crowd in a feast of the senses that celebrates a broad spectrum of outdoor arts disciplines – from video mapping and aerial performances to music, dance and pyrotechnics.

Take a look at the review our show received in The Cyprus Mail

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John Wassell, Producer for the show, said:
“After creating the opening ceremony ‘A Work of Art’ back in January, we we’re delighted to continue telling the story of Pafos in this captivating show set against the dramatic backdrop of Pafos Harbour.”

Nick Clarke, Artistic Director of Eternal Voyages, talking about the show, said:

“It was fantastic to be back in Pafos to create this new piece of work which formed an incredible story of Pafos by the people of Pafos, which is why a key element of Eternal Voyages was about working with local artistic and performing talent as well as people from local communities.”

Eternal Voyages was produced by Walk the Plank in partnership with artists and the people of Pafos as part of the Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture programme of events.

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