Inspiring future generations to pursue a career in the arts

Date: 26 April 2018 to 16 May 2019

Location: Cobden Works

For many school children, thoughts on their career options seem to start earlier than ever.  So the Arts Council-funded initiative Encounters is a great way to get young people to think about what qualifications and experience they need  for a career in the arts way before they've reached higher education.

In 2018 and 2019 we hosted an afternoon visit from pupils at Salford-based  High Schools who came to meet the Walk the Plank team, take a tour of our Cobden Works creative hub and hear, first hand, from different people what their daily jobs entail.

Seeing inside an arts organisation and meeting people across all departments is a great way to inspire ambition and give young people an idea of the vast array of roles that are open to them.  During their tour, students met producers, production managers, marketing and comms people, admin and accounts staff, as well as our team of technicians, makers and fabricators in our workshops.

In 2019, with a new cohort visiting us, the format was changed slightly and Walk the Plank staff were asked a series of thought-provoking questions about their work, the kind of qualifications they had and the experience they'd gained along the way.

"It was great to be 'grilled' by these young people who'd come up with some brilliant questions to find out what we did, what we liked about our jobs, and how we'd arrived at Walk the Plank.  This is a fantastic way to get young people to see inside an arts organisation and to explore the wide range of options open to them in the world of arts."

Tom Warman, Director of Marketing & Communications



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