The Darley Park Concert 2013

Date: 1 September 2013

Location: Darley park, Derby

Client: Derby LIVE

Derby Live welcomed us back to illuminate the UK’s biggest free outdoor classical concert in Darley Park. The 30,000 strong audience were to be charmed by an evening of classical music to be rounded off with a firework finale. The fireworks needed to be in perfect sync with a live orchestra as they played – a tricky challenge!

We worked with Derby Live to ensure their event was even more memorable, designing sequences that played in flawless harmony with the Sinfonia Viva Orchestra.

All the firework material chosen was set to match the feel of the notes being played by the instruments; be they soft bursting shells with shimmering stars or energetic flurries of bright lights chasing across the sky.

We used the latest in electronic firing technology to launch our fireworks with split second accuracy whilst working with a score reader to make sure we were right on time with the music.

We use a mix of closer proximity stage pyro to bring the action as near to the audience as possible along with huge aerial shells from a site much further away. In fact the larger material at the second site had to be set up on the other side of the River Derwent which runs through the park, meaning we also had to utilise our wireless firing system to link the sites.

All together to effort was well worth it as the crowds gathered in the natural amphitheatre of the park were dazzled by huge colourful fireworks in faultless synchronisation with the bombastic classical tunes being played out on the warm late  summer evening.

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