Center Parcs Winter Wonderland

Date: 13 November 2015

Location: Longleat, Elveden, Sherwood, Woburn, Whinfell

Client: Center Parcs

We have been in a working relationship with Center Parcs as their fireworks display provider for over 17 years. In 2015, we were again asked to provide 14 shows on a bi-weekly basis all the way from Bonfire Night up to New Year's Eve. Each display would need to be set to music and entertain a family audience of up to 2,000 guests at each of the 5 sites simultaneously. Two of the sites have special restrictions; the Whinfell site is more compact so extra care must be taken to select appropriate fireworks and at Woburn there are noise limits so quiet fireworks must be used.

We used our extensive experience of staging displays at Center Parcs to develop a unique show that would capture the magic of this time of year and excite guests whether they were 8 or 80 years old. While our elegant soundtrack reflected the enchantment of the winter season we had to make the show robust yet adaptable to cope with wilder weather expected in the later months. We also had to develop the displays to be logistically efficient given the number of repeats at each location.

The addition of Woburn this year posed an extra challenge with its noise restrictions.  How is it possible to have a 'quiet' firework display? Our expert team carefully selected material that had very low noise profile yet still featured vibrant colours and dazzling effects. The team at Woburn were very happy with the resulting shows there, as were their guests. This year in particular posed a difficult challenge with its extreme weather in late November and December which threatened to cancel displays for safety reasons. However we had designed the shows to be able to cope by using low fallout material and having a 'Plan B' of firing a slightly reduced display in the case of this happening. We were able to go ahead with nearly every show, some firing in 'reduced mode' to enable the show to go on, even in the windy conditions.

Center Parcs were very happy with our performance as their display provider and have passed on many compliments from their guests. The fireworks are certainly one of the highlights of their stay there for many.

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