Core Team

Lindsay Bradshaw

Company Administrator


Organisation and administration are part of my DNA (at least at work anyway). I wear many hats that change hourly.

One day I could be collecting data for funding bids and responding to emails from five different inboxes, and the next I could be booking airplane tickets and accommodation, or arranging a merger of our IT systems.

It feels like I’m an octopus facing a smorgasbord of delights.

From Lancaster to Salford via Canada

After stepping out of the dark of working backstage as a stage and events manager for over 10 years, I moved into arts administration and realised it was my one true love. It took me a while to get here, working in art galleries, universities, theatres, teaching drama and three years working for the Victoria Fringe Festival in Canada, but I’m glad I persevered. I think I’ve found the job I love and think I’m fairly good at.

My specialism

Anyone who knows me will say spreadsheets, data presentation and colour co-ordination. The combined with organisation. Even my music collection at home is in alphabetical then chronological order. You can take the girl out of an organisation, but you can’t take organisation out of the girl!

What attracted me to Walk the Plank?

I’d heard so many amazing stories about this mystical organisation that did incredible events of all sizes and allegedly set fireworks off from a ship. When the post was advertised…it was a no brainer. I also wanted to work somewhere that I knew it was ok to be yourself. No suited and booted jobs for me thank you. Arts admin drew me to a company I wanted to work for.

What do I get up to outside work?

The real reason I’ve had to buy another bookshelf is my rather large collection of colouring books and art supplies. I have over 50, from old botanical books with line drawn blank plates ready for painting to modern ones.

I love big relaxed dinner parties with families and friends, and curating my growing collection of gins. My current favourite in Monkey 47 Dry Gin.