Core Team

Ellie Nicholls

Production Coordinator

I am a recent recruit to the good ship Plank and have only been aboard about 3 months (Oct 2017).

As Production Coordinator my job is to support the Production Department in the realisation of amazing events and makes. My role is non-project specific, which means I am lucky enough to work across lots of gigs, at least in some small part, as well as helping to manage the day to day operations on site here at Cobden Works.

From Russia to River Monsters

Before Walk the Plank I worked in commercial fine art gallery settings, helping to coordinate the fabrication of new artworks for a variety of established artists. I am incredibly curious about the creation process for artists. Working in collection management I got the opportunity to see some very valuable and famous artworks at close quarters. I once had to accompany a very valuable painting to Russia for insurance purposes. It was a great experience but, it was tense watching it going up on the wall.

In my Walk the Plank role so far I have been focusing on helping to establish Cobden Works as a happy, habitable space to work.  I arrived within weeks of us relocating to our lovely new home.  Project-wise, I’ve been supporting the creation of our new River Monster (a boat clad in fibreglass to look like a huge floating dragon/ monster) for a new show River Stories for the first Reading on Thames River Festival.  This involved frantically ordering about 200m of LED tape as part of the making process.

What attracted me to Walk the Plank?

I was attracted to work at Walk the Plank because I wanted to work in a dynamic environment, that would allow me to diversify my skills into the Outdoor Arts sector. Walk the Plank genuinely does care that its creative output is of value to the audience it is aimed at. Working here there is an anarchic almost punk DIY attitude to making things happen. It sounds like a throwaway comment but it’s really fun. That’s pretty special.

Somethings you may not know about me…

Well, I absolutely love dogs, I can name well over 40 different breeds by sight. Also, as I am new to the North West I am excited to explore the surrounding towns and natural beauty. I have been on several incredible walks in the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District with friends.

I enjoy going to quirky museums and galleries, I recently went to Hat Works in Stockport, I loved seeing the old copper machines used to form the hats, they looked like something from a mad inventor’s workshop.   I can’t live without coffee and if I had to write a book about my life it would be called ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ – I can’t recall the number of times I’ve had cereal because I can’t be bothered to cook.

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