Core Team

Cath Ralph

Executive Director


My job is to work with Walk the Plank’s creative directors and the wider team so that we can all achieve the very high standards we set,  both artistically and through the impacts we make on communities and individuals. I am particularly focused around developing our programmes of work to achieve our longer term creative ambitions and business objectives.  Sustainability is everything in our line of work, so we need to be thinking as much about what we want to be doing in two years time as well as what’s happening in the next two weeks.

I am also very interested in our new creative hub the Cobden Works (which just happens to open during my first year in post) and how we use this to increase our effectiveness and enable greater interactions not just with our team, but our associates, trainees, artists and the communities we work with.

WTP is a pretty unique organisation with fantastic capabilities not just in terms of our insanely talented Creative Directors Liz Pugh and John Wassall, but from our wider team in all areas of the company. Everyone is extremely committed and highly competent. I think this is pretty unusual. It’s like a highly organised family!

From higher education and heritage arts to Walk the Plank

Well, my journey to Walk the Plank has been an interesting one.

I am trained in Participatory Arts but have worked for many years in the culture sector engaged in creative industry support, heritage assets, and community development. There has always been an element of education provision or skill development in all the work that I have done.

I’ve worked for myself, local authorities, college, university and was the Chief Executive of a heritage arts company for twelve years before coming to WTP this year, 2017. My highest qualification is a Post Graduate Diploma although I am constantly engaged in learning of one kind or another.

A squeaky clean set of credentials

I have a really big interest in health (although not my own personally particularly). Apart from Participatory Arts, I was trained in Holistic Therapy and have learned how to make skin care and healthcare products using natural ingredients as well as the usual stuff like aromatherapy, reflexology etc. I am a bit of a soap fan too and am currently working on black and white clay based soap.

At the time of posting this biography (late January 2017)  I’ve amassed around 20 days at Walk the Plank and am already excited at the prospect of our new Cobden Works creative hub which should be complete around May or June of this year.  I’ve also become a bit of a fan of Walk the Plank’s fire drawings – perhaps I can commission one in the shape of a bar of soap.