Core Team

Aga Predka

Finance Manager


If you need paying, I’m the person who makes it happen.

My job is to process purchasing transactions so that everybody working for, or supplying something for Walk the Plank, can be paid.

As we have so many freelance staff and suppliers, as well as our core team of staff, it’s important we keep up to date on our payments.

From Poland to Salford via Wales and Yorkshire

It’s been quite a journey. I graduated from university in Poland and moved to the UK a year later, initially arriving in Wales before moving to Yorkshire then Salford.

After a strange mix of jobs (from DIY sales assistant and customer service) I decided I needed a career change and trained in accounting. Just as I was finishing my Level 2 qualification in finance, a part-time role appeared at Walk the Plank – just round the corner from where I live, and here I am.

My specialism

Numbers and detail. Accuracy is everything and I love the way my job helps things run smoothly.

What attracted me to Walk the Plank?

Living just round the corner from Walk the Plank is more than just a convenient coincidence. I’ve always wanted to work for an organisation that can make an impact on people and places and not be driven by profit. Walk the Plank feels like family.

What do I get up to outside work?

I have a very active little boy so a lot of my time outside work is spent showing him how the world works. I love to travel to new places and I return to Poland every year. I love reading, in both English and Polish.

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