13 June 2019

Manchester Day Reflections. Sue Blaylock, Simply Cycling

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10/10 Reflections

A series of interviews with artists, participants and volunteers who have worked on Manchester Day, which celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 23, 2019.

In the second of our articles to mark the 10th anniversary of Manchester Day we jumped on our bikes to catch up with Sue Blaylock of Simply Cycling to find out what has kept her and her group pedalling away for 10 years on this big event.

In the first year Simply Cycling was part of a bigger group representing Wythenshawe but they caught the Manchester Day bug after sharing ideas, making costumes and parading the streets.

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More recently, due to the massive growth and popularity of Simply Cycling, they entered the parade as a group.  Sue explains “This has meant that we can be more actively involved in designing structures based on the theme of the parade that year, and also reflect the values of our group as a community of inclusive cyclists.

This year’s theme 10/10 has inspired Simply Cycling to think back to those moments at school when you got 10 out of 10, or a gold star.  And because fireworks are a great way of celebrating top marks and good news, they’ve decided to enter this year’s parade as a firework display.

“It seems very ambitious and we have worked together with our artists, Alexis and Ruta, to create something that will look spectacular and celebrate cycling which, we feel, deserves, to be celebrated.”

Before we jump back on our saddles, we ask Sue what Manchester Day means to her.

“It’s a chance to be part of a huge celebration of all that is good in Manchester, to celebrate all the hard work that small community groups and organisations do to make Manchester a place to feel proud of”.

We look forward to seeing a cycling firework spectacular on June 23.

Manchester Day. Created by Manchester People. Commissioned by Manchester City Council. Produced by Walk the Plank.  ELEVATE is supported by Arts Council England.

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