18 June 2019

Manchester Day Reflections. Alison Mee, Super Volunteer

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10/10 Reflections

A series of interviews with artists, participants and volunteers who have worked on Manchester Day, which celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 23, 2019.

In the third of our articles to mark the 10th anniversary of Manchester Day we met up with ‘up-for-anything’ volunteer Alison Mee who has found herself involved in all manner of creative projects in the run up to Manchester Day, from making giant vegetables to bee-keepers’ legs to becoming a life-size bucket and spade.

There’s never been a dull moment for Alison who, until her first Manchester Day back in 2010, had never been involved in anything like this before.

“On my first Manchester Day I didn’t know what to expect but walking out with the parade onto Deansgate and seeing thousands of people lining the streets and enjoying themselves was just amazing”.

The whole Manchester Day experience has clearly helped Alison get to know some of the artists and pick up new skills along the way.

As she explains: “I’ve learnt skills over the years and have got to know some of the artists, so I tend to get quite a wide variety of things to do.  I also come into the workshop at additional times to help out, even taking time off work to be there.”

Looking ahead to 2019 Alison is hoping for a beautiful sunny day.  So far, she says, there’s not been rain while she’s been on parade, so fingers crossed for this year too.  Flicking back through pictures of the last ten years has made her feel very old but what she really likes about Manchester Day is how she has new friends and learnt new skills.

She loves the way Manchester Day has given her the chance to give something back and to be part of something that makes people smile.  Although she reminds us that the photo of her in a bucket and spade brings back painful memories.

“I was stuffed into it at the last minute. It looked amazing but was painful”.  Ouch.


Hopefully it will be bucket and spade weather on Sunday June 23.  Alison is one of many volunteers who do an incredible behind the scenes job making Manchester Day happen – from supporting artists to pushing or pulling the big ‘makes’ and to handing out programmes on the day.

Manchester Day. Created by Manchester People. Commissioned by Manchester City Council. Produced by Walk the Plank.  ELEVATE is supported by Arts Council England.

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