26 July 2016

Launch of new Walk the Plank Showreel

We’ve launched a new showreel to showcase our wide range of work which has thrilled audiences locally, national and internationally for nearly 25 years.

The new showreel, which can be seen below, is designed not just to show the company’s rich portfolio of work but to explain the collaborative processes between artists and local communities that are such an important part of what it does.

Tom Warman, Marketing & Communications Director, said: ‘Creating a new show reel gave us an opportunity to step back and rethink how we tell the story about what we do, which is not as straight-forward as it may appear when you first encounter one of our productions. Essential to everything we do is the way in which we engage with communities and artists to create some truly magical moments of outdoor theatre.

And because what we do is ephemeral and momentary, lasting perhaps for a few hours or a day, the legacy we leave behind is as important as the work itself.  We felt that the best way to tell this was from a number of different stand-points, and that the best way to achieve this was via a show reel.  In its own way it tells a story about how we help people and communities tell their own stories.’

The show reel was produced by Manchester-based Boardwalk Studio and features a specially-commissioned soundtrack by multi-award winning composer Sandy Nuttgens.

Watch it here: