1 June 2021

June – News from Walk the Plank

We’re co-directing Festival of the Sea Grimsby & more news from Cobden Works.

We’re co-directing Festival of the Sea Grimsby taking place on Saturday 17 July 2021, working with The Culture House to celebrate the town’s changing connections to the sea – from a past focused on fishing to a future built on renewables with the world’s largest wind farm currently being built offshore in the North Sea. Outdoor performance and music will feature alongside heritage walks and talks, or join online for digital activity delving into the town’s history. Find out more below.

Cobden Works has been bustling as our busy team plans a jam-packed summer of outdoor arts events. Read on for more updates.

There have been some changes to our team at Cobden Works this month. We bid a fond farewell to Lindsay Bradshaw and Chris Haworth who are both stepping into exciting new roles. We wish them good luck with their new adventures! We have also welcomed three new team members – Kirstie Millar joins us as our Marketing and Communications Officer, Leonie Hertig as Production Assistant and Phil Buckley as Production Manager. Welcome!

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Announcing Festival of the Sea Grimsby and programme launch

We’ve commissioned flags to celebrate the town’s Fishing Heritage Centre’s anniversary which will be unveiled on June 22 as part of the build-up to Grimsby’s Festival of the Sea. Local designer Sean Rodwell’s flags for Grimsby will be displayed alongside ‘Signalling Intent’ and other flags by Wendy Meadley…inspired by the international signal flags used at sea.

The festival will offer work from talented local and national artists alongside heritage walks, talks and a workplace engagement programme to connect with the seafood processing sector that is one of the town’s main industries. Audiences will be invited to join us online for digital activity delving into the town’s history, and a debate looking at how we might manage our relationships with the sea more sustainably.

Check out our full programme here 🌊🦞⛵

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Coming Soon: Myth Buster Machine sparking conversations around the climate emergency 

The Myth Buster is an exciting touring street theatre production engaging communities in conversations and debunking myths around the climate emergency.

Led through the streets by its scientist minder, the Myth Buster is a strange and otherworldly machine. With large blinking eyes and an insatiable hunger to eat up climate change myths, the Myth Buster will be sure to spark conversations and delight anyone who crosses its path.

From an original concept by Walk the Plank and Dan Potra, developed and built by Bryan Tweddle, commissioned by C-Change with support from Arts Council England and Manchester City Council.

See The Myth Buster at Festival of the Sea Grimsby on 17 July.

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