20 November 2020

Festival UK 2022

Walk the Plank selected as one of the 30 R & D projects for Festival UK 2022

As part of the Green Space, Dark Skies consortium, in partnership with National Parks UK and Siemens, we’ve been selected as one of the 30 R & D companies to move forward with ideas for Festival UK 2022.

Our aim is to create a UK-wide moment of inclusive mass participation based around the UK’s national parks.

Full details of our project, as far as we know it, are detailed in our official press release below.

We have also pulled together a supporting document outlining our responses to some of the key issues that are currently trending on this festival on social media, and to explain our reasons for supporting this festival.

Please click on the links below to download these documents.

Festival UK 22 WtP Press Release NOV 20

Festival UK 2022 response from WTP

Here’s an extract from our press release:

“For nearly 30 years we’ve worked on a wide range of outdoor events across the UK and internationally that have drawn on our expertise with using light and darkness to create unforgettable moments.  So, we’re really excited about the big ideas that we can now explore as part of this consortium in response to the wider creative ambitions envisaged by Martin Green and the Festival UK 22 team.

After one of the darkest years in our recent history, as a result of the Covid pandemic, finding a way to engage people of all ages and cultures in a celebration of hope in the great outdoors seems to us to be really compelling.  It’s about inviting people outdoors and getting them switched on to switching off, in the most inclusive way possible.   We’re  particularly delighted to be working with Paul Wilshaw, a young producer with lived experience of disability access; while another key element of our R & D will be to explore ways of capturing the momentous scale of this amazing shared moment as part of a longer term legacy.”

John Wassell, Creative Producer and Walk the Plank co-founder