7 June 2022

Festival of the Sea is returning to Grimsby on Saturday 16 July

Take a look at what’s on and set sail with us on a great day out!

Bringing you free entertainment from talented artists, performers and musicians, and inviting you to take part in heritage walks and hands-on activities in our Make and Take tent.

Take a look at what’s on and set sail with us on a great day out!

Explore the programme

Some of the exciting shows, music and entertainment arriving in Grimsby this July:
Drowning under a crushing mass of plastic, the Keeper of the Waterways awakens and rises up.
It’s time for change. Featuring a unique gyroscopic flying machine, the show makes us feel like we are in an underwater world where performers dive, twist and float high in the air… to captivate audiences of all ages.

Where do all the boats go?
The team behind the hit ITV children’s animation, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, are working with young people from local colleges to explore how to create animation and voice-over in response to the question ‘Where do all the boats go?’

The Wave
Cue water-fights, floor stomping, songs and slapstick mayhem!
Music, colour bombs, and lots of falling over! Join us aboard as we share a tale of isolation, love, loneliness and hysteria. A perfect party for kids big and small.

The Docks Timeline
Illuminating Grimsby’s heritage with a colourful slice of history
A timeline will start to appear on the new walkway, from Garth Lane Bridge towards the Fishing Heritage Centre – tracing the growth of the docks from the arrival of Grim, via the medieval town’s growth, and the opening of the first dock in C1700 to the town’s regeneration powered by renewables! *Subject to funding

And lots for the little ones!

Octopus Ocean
A life size octopus riding a tricycle can cover a lot of ground.
Avoid being tickled by its eight tentacles or hope that the two aquabatic fish swim from the seaweed and come to your rescue!
Deep Sea Divers
Get under the sea with two stilt walking divers, whose only means of communication are hand signals and written wipe boards sending hilarious miscommunications.

From interactive storytelling with the Singing Mermaid and Under the Sea music workshops, including percussion rapping, as well as the chance to get creative in the Make and Take tent, making seabird headdresses ready to take part in a Festival of the Sea procession.

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