17 May 2017

Edge Hill students sow seeds of learning at Burscough Community Farm

Learning forms an important part of our approach to all aspects of outdoor arts so we were delighted to have recently worked with performing arts students at Edge Hill University at Ormskirk in Lancashire on a debut piece of open air work at Burscough Community Farm.

With spring very much in the air, their ‘Sowing Seeds’ interactive outdoor performance in front of an invited audience gave students the chance to practice their various skills within the context of a community farm.

“In an ever-changing world, ‘Sowing Seeds’ demonstrates the importance of nurturing our roots.  It also enabled us to showcase the history of Burscough Community Farm with help from many magical creatures performed by students and the local community.”

An impatient hare, fire-spinning witches and mischievous moles were part of an eclectic cast who helped animate various parts of the farm in an immersive series of performances on Sunday April 2nd.

Prior to the event Dr Barnaby King, Senior Lecturer in Performance at Edge Hill, said “It is fantastic to be working with Walk the Plank on this event which will engage, entertain and educate both our own students and people from the local community. Edge Hill students and some of our recent graduates will gain invaluable industry experience from working with Walk the Plank’s creative team and deliver this project, promoting sustainability and raising awareness of this valuable community resource in Burscough.”

Ahead of the event the students staged two workshops to create opportunities for the public to engage in the creative elements of the performance.

The partnership with Edge Hill University has been created by Walk the Plank Learning, which forms part of the wider Walk the Plank family and our strategy to deliver learning programmes in partnership with high education providers.