22 June 2017

We need your help

With our new Cobden Works outdoor arts creative hub coming close to completion towards the end of July, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us put the essential finishing touches to our new home which we’ll be moving into in the same year that we mark our 25th anniversary.

Lead-funded by Arts Council England, our brand-new home will be the first time that our offices and workshop spaces are combined under one roof, along with a new learning and training facility.  To say that it will be fantastic to have everything under one roof is nothing short of an understatement.

Our current base just down the road in Broad Street, Salford, has done a sterling job in giving us a roof over our heads but, as a converted end of terrace house, it hasn’t exactly been fit for purpose for many years.

Why get involved? Watch our campaign video: 

So why do we need to crowdfund when we’ve already been funded by the Arts Council and other donors?  Good question.

The answer is simple.  As with all construction projects, even with the best planning and contingency, additional costs have inevitably cropped up.  And even with a series of value engineering exercises to pare our costs to the bone, we’re just tantalisingly short of funds to ensure that Cobden Works is finished to the standard we envisaged.

Our campaign is designed specifically to help us fit out our internal courtyard which, given our proximity to a series of local waste and recycling tips, is an important ‘outdoor space indoors’ for both our staff and the many visitors who will come to see us from all over the world, either to collaborate on projects or join us on a training course.

Money raised from the campaign will also go towards ensuring we can have the right specification of lighting throughout the building.  For security reasons, Cobden Works is predominantly windowless from the outside, which is why lighting will be such an important feature, particularly in the autumn and winter season when natural light is scarce.

We’re aiming to raise £25,000 and we’ve lined up a whole range of rewards to recognise the generosity of our crowdfunders.  So why not take a look at our crowdfunding site £25k for 25 years to find out more.

Here’s to our next 25 years, and here’s to making Cobden Works as brilliant as we originally envisaged.

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