22 July 2019

We’re crowd-funding again, this time for a new roof on our workshop

Bay 2 devastation

Today, Monday June 22 sees the launch of a new crowd-funding campaign to raise £10k for a new roof for one of our two workshops.

Just over a year ago, on Friday July 13, 2018 our relatively new Cobden Works home was damaged in a fire that was started by intruders who broke into our Bay 2 workshop.

Had the fire continued for another 10 minutes or so the chances are that most of Cobden Works would have gone up in flames.

So, in a way we were lucky.

It was also fortunate that everything we’d prepared for a touring show in London had been loaded onto a van for departure the following day.  Had it still been stored in our Bay 2 workshop it would have been a very different story.

Given that the fire meant that we had to gut and re-build this workshop, we’re taking the opportunity to upgrade to a new, more environmentally-friendly roof which will provide us with the following benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency – which means we save money and do another good thing towards saving the planet
  • Enhanced working environment – the insulated roof means the space is more usable in extreme temperatures
  • Bay 2 roof removalGreater security

As with all insurance claims, despite very comprehensive cover, we didn’t secure a full cost recovery for damage to the building or its contents, which is why we’ve now launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise £10,000 towards the cost of our new roof.

Without a fully operational second workshop our whole programme of work is compromised.  Our new roof will mean that we can turn it into a productive space for making things and storing equipment for our shows.

It’s important that we have a safe, water-tight and even-temperature environment in which to create a wide range ambitious makes that are the hallmark of many of our productions.

Monster Pic 1

It goes without saying there are better things to spend £10k on but the reality of the situation is that we need to raise this additional money to enable us to get this roof a reality.

If you could help us out, we’d be extremely grateful

Supporting our campaign is easy and every donation makes a difference to helping us achieve our £10k goal by August 22 of this year.  We’ve also come up with a range of fun rewards as a way of saying thank you. From a handy key ring to a coveted Walk the Plank hoodie, there’s something for everyone here.

The campaign finishes on August 22, so the clock is ticking to reach our target.  The great news is that we already have over £3,500 in our pot.

So, you’d like to support us, just click on the link below.

Help us raise £10k for a new green roof