6 October 2016

Creative photographer needed

We’re just about to start work on the development of our new multi-purpose outdoor arts complex on Cobden Street, a short, brisk walk from our current offices at Broad Street in SALFORD.

It’s an exciting project that we want to document.  After all, once it’s been built we’ll be moving in and we’ll be busy doing lots of new things.

We’re only going to get one chance to capture the unfolding development, which starts in mid October 2016 and finishes in May 2017.

Being the disruptive creative force that we are, we don’t want to do just the normal photo documentation.  We want to do something different.

We’re now looking for a creative photographer who shares our sense of creative risk and originality to come down every few weeks and capture what’s going on.

Please contact us as soon as possible to register your interest.

Ideally we need someone who can be with us on Monday October 17

UPDATE 13/10/2016: applications for the creative photography project are now closed.