Welcome to the team

Walk the Plank is a creative force with a wide range of skills, talents and experience, helping us create, inspire and produce a rich tapestry of work that has made us one of the leading outdoor arts companies in the UK.

Our co-founders Liz Pugh and John Wassell created Walk the Plank from a simple belief in the power of theatre, in all its forms, and a desire to share it with as many people as possible.

Since then they have attracted people from many different professional backgrounds to ensure that Walk the Plank remains at the forefront of outdoor arts excellence.

From our headquarters in Salford, we have a core senior management team who oversee the strategic, operational and creative direction of the business, along with our team of production managers who play a hands-on role ensuring that everything we set out to do happens in the way we intended it.

Salford is also home to our Walk the Plank Fireworks operation which works with a team of pyrotechnicians to deliver a wide and varied programme of displays around the country.

Finally, none of the above would be possible without our small but very important team of finance and administrative staff, and our training, education, marketing and comms teams.

And working with us beyond our Salford base is our massive and ever-expanding roster of freelance artists, producers and creative practitioners that we commission to collaborate with us on projects locally, nationally and internationally.