Kaunas School of Spectacle

Pictured: Lighting of the fire drawings (Photo Vita Gelūnienė)

“Kaunas School of Spectacle” – a practice of spectacle making from local culture that is hidden and unspoken.
Baltijos cirkas, Apr 24 – Apr 28, 2017

Kaunas School of Spectacle was a free five day intensive outdoor arts training school for Creative Practitioners based in and around Kaunas, Lithuania and invited international artists. The school delivered training designed to build skills that creatives need for making outdoor events and civic celebrations.


The school was led by Walk the Plank, and organised by Community artists Vita Gelūnienė and Ed Carroll in partnership with The Lower Sanciai Community Association and Dvimiescio Kulka, Lithuania. With international partners Pafos 2017, Cyprus; Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Bulgaria; Limerick City & County Council and Fidget Feet, Ireland; that together make up the European Outdoor Arts Academy. The training is made possible through the kind support of Creative Europe; SNF and Lietuvos kultūros taryba.

Kaunas School of Spectacle was the second of five distinct international European Schools of Spectacle. This School seeked to prepare the ground for its first community parade/procession in September 2017. The parade will celebrate bottom‒up and person‒up culture coming from the local community and increase local creative talent.


Events like this can bring communities together in shared celebrations of place and local identity” said Liz Pugh, Producer at Walk the Plank

Community artists Vita Gelūnienė and Ed Carroll co-organised the School, which was located in and hosted by the Lower Sancial Community Association
International Facilitators included:
Brian Fleming a theatre maker and festival director based in the West of Ireland. He has played in all countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia and many countries on the Asian, African and American continents.
Liz Pugh founder of the UK outdoor arts specialists Walk the Plank, lead partner for the School of Spectacle. She is currently working on Manchester Day, Pafos2017, MK50 and Peterloo2019.


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