When you want to light up the sky, light it up with us.

If you’re looking for a firework display with a difference, our team of pyrotechnicians here at Walk the Plank have the technical wizardry and creative inspiration to make something that will do so much more than just set off fireworks. With Walk the Plank Fireworks you’ll be investing in the collective artistic talents of a masterful team who have worked on a wealth of public and commercial firework displays for nearly 25 years.

From cityscape to private wedding we can apply our firework artistry to almost every setting imaginable. From country house estates and city centre skylines to rivers and lakes, we can create drama, spectacle, feel good moments and a downright tub-thumping awesome atmosphere! We can make the sky come alive, make the ground shake beneath your feet and create effects that stay in the memory long after the final spark has made its way into the night sky.

We use premium fireworks and fuse them by hand in our dedicated firework assembly site in Cheshire, and our digital firing technologies mean that we can time the launch and explosion of every firework to the second. Despite our unashamed obsession with pyrotechnic artistry, we never compromise on safety or the environment.


Lighting up the night sky is a passion that runs deep in the veins of our team and we have grown from a small collective of pyromaniacs into an expert team delivering awe-inspiring displays for a multitude of occasions.

We are Walk the Plank Fireworks.  Why not get in touch.


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