Cobden Works

Our brand new outdoor arts creative hub

Coinciding with our 25th anniversary, we’re rapidly heading towards the completion of our new £1m+ outdoor arts creative hub, just down the road from our current base in Salford.  Since we sold the Fitzcaraldo, our touring theatre ship back in 2010, we’ve been based in a ‘unique’ (possibly the kindest way to describe it) office building at the end of a row of shops in Salford with our ‘making’ space 15 miles up the road in Ramsbottom and our pyrotechnics base at Rainford.

Clearly, this is not the perfect set-up for an outdoor arts organisation with the scale and ambition of work that we do regionally, nationally and internationally.

So, Cobden Works, the new name for our new home, will finally provide us with a suite of different spaces in which we can create and fabricate pieces for our various shows, provide a dedicated learning area for training, and give our office-based team a modern, contemporary space in which to work.

Cobden Works - Our Vision 5

The scheme has been designed by Liverpool-based Architectural Emporium and is being built by construction group Skyline.  Work started in autumn 2017 and is due for completion by July with occupation expected sometime in September 2017 (more images below taken by Simon Buckley)

The overall design ecology is one of re-purposing the existing buildings along with a small element of new build, to both maximise available budget and minimise environmental impact. in September.

Here’s what RIBA (the Royal British Institute of Architects) said about the scheme at its concept design stage:

“We found this to be a wonderful project on a number of different levels from the support of the local authority in endorsing a scheme such as this in an industrial area, to the re-use of the existing buildings and the addition of a well-considered office block…We are very supportive of this project”

Tuesday 25 May saw the formal topping out ceremony of Cobden Works which involved a magical moment of theatre to mark this landmark milestone.

Cobden Works is lead funded by Arts Council England with generous support from, CHK Charities Ltd, Garfield Weston Foundation, Oglesby Charitable Trust and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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